Department of Mathematics

The department of mathematics of ARBA came into existence together with the establishment of ARBA in 2004. The department of Mathematics of our college offers classes for H.S. and B.Sc. students by providing the foundation in Mathematics that is crucial to the education in NIT, IIT and other premier institute of India.

Mathematics is the father of science. Both try to explore the idea of Philosophy. The imagination of Mathematics go very much beyond that of common man. So, it is like metaphysics.

The question that is asked often by many brilliant students is this – How does one become a great Mathematician? The answer is very simple. Einstein, Feynman, Newton etc. the list is very long for enumeration. They are all great thinkers and one can’t classify them. They all have many common characteristics. We have to closely follow their work in different fields, their way of thinking, particularly cross thinking of ideas. Our motto is to encourage the students to ask questions in different way.

List of faculties :

  • Azharul Islam Talukdar / M.Sc (Double), HOD
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    contact number: 9954788475
  • Satyajit Sarma / M.Sc, B.Ed.
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  • Ashimjyoti Kalita / M.Sc
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    contact number: 9678762072
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