Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology is one of the spectacular department in Anundoram Booroh Academy. This department has made its identity in the fledged centre of teaching and emphasize on fundamental research. The faculty members of the department have actively engaged in teaching as well as motivating students for recent advances in science and technology. The department is well equipped with modern scientific laboratory, museum, ornamental fish culture facility, departmental library, seminar hall, model organisms for learning and research activities.

List of faculties

  • Himangshu Baruah, / M.Sc. (HOD)
    email id:
    contact number: 9954039329
  • Dr. Sanjay Talukdar / M.Sc. Ph.D.
    email id:
    contact number: 9435536360
  • Karabi Sarma / M.Sc.,B.Ed.
    email id:
    contact number: 9435875424
  • Ashim Kr. Goswami, / M.Sc.(Biotech)
    email id:
    contact number: 9706000343
  • Jyotirmoy Thakuria / M.Sc
    contact number: 9954964179
  • Dr. Maniza Choudhury, / M.Sc., P.hD
    email id:
    contact number:9577954048

Department of Botany

Our mission is to lead in understanding life, from molecules to cells, and organisms to ecosystems. The department of Botany focuses on advancing investigations of and expanding knowledge about the nature of life. The Botany faculty is committed to excellence in research and education and is proud of the outstanding students and staff who make this possible. There are well equipped laboratories, museum, herbarium, mushroom cultivation facility, seminar hall and departmental library. With your support, the Department of Botany will continue to foster positive and inclusive learning environments for our students and academics and challenge and enable them to become leaders in their fields. It is an exciting time to be a biologist- join us.

List of faculties :

  • Binita Devi, / M.Sc., M.Phill., B.Ed.
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    contact number: 8761931465
  • Urmimayee Talukdar, / M.Sc.
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    contact number: 8812890738
  • Nilakshi Kalita, / M.Sc., B.Ed.
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    contact number: 8011082168
  • Dr. Upen Deka, / M.Sc., Ph.D.
    email id:
    contact number: 9101579797