Curricula of the schools of the country have been re-structured and developed as per the guidelines under ‘Right to Education Act 2009’ of the Govt. of India to eradicate illiteracy. Under the new curricula learners are considered as “active participants in the process of learning” rather than “recipients of some definite stock knowledge”. It helps to develop the creativity of the learners.

With this aim in view the present text book has been prepared in simple language to make it attractive for the learners. Photos, cartoons etc. have been included with this purpose. A significant characteristic of the book is its extensive learning exercises. To help teachers evaluate the learners effectively sufficient exercises have been added to each chapter.

An attempt has been made to highlight the aspects of “Value of co-operation” and “Importance of learning with partners”. We humbly request the teachers, parents and guardians to realise our aims and objectives.

Dr. Ranjit Deka
Anundoram Borooah Academy Prakashan

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